To Get Maximum Exposure, You've Got To Know How To Ping Your Blog

To Get Maximum Exposure, You've Got To Know How To Ping Your Blog

One of the most overlooked means of getting promotional leverage in blogging is the act of pinging your latest blog post.

Pinging is one of those geek terms that you come across in an article and brush it off a more techno-speak. Unfortunately for you this is a very important point in your blog strategy so pay close attention.
In blogging, ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism. This is an action that occurs when a blog tells a server that its content just got updated. An XML-RPC signal goes out to one or a few "ping servers". This signal generates a list of blogs that have updated content on them.

There are different kinds of ping servers depending on the blog system you're using. There are open ping servers and proprietary ping servers. Some open ping servers, like VeriSign's, let other web-services subscribe to a list of blogs that just recently pinged them.
Newly updated blogs then are picked up by blog search engines after they send out their signal. Subscribers also get the message when their favorite blogs are updated.

Proprietary ping servers get and distribute information only for their own applications. Most of the major blog search engines operate proprietary ping servers. That's because they want to serve their customers efficiently. There is no incentive to share their ping data with other servers.

If you are on a proprietary ping server, you'll have to ping a number of individual servers to get the kid of publicity you want. So what you'll need to do is get a hold of one of the online ping services, which pings multiple proprietary ping servers.

Ping services - tell search engines that your blog has new publications. After ping, search engine robots quickly crawl your new articles to index them. Each blog application will allow you to add ping services to it for manual ping operation.
Manual Ping
The manual method of pinging Google is to simply go to website and enter your blogs URL every time your blog is updated.

Automatic Ping
If you want Wordpress to automatically ping Google every time you update your blog, then you will need to add website to your Update Services box in your Wordpress admin area. Each blog application will be a little different but they will give you an option for manual and automatic pinging.

Get pinging after each post for maximum exposure. You will need to check to ensure that you are reaching everyone on the web. Go to Technorati to register your blogs and track your popularity. You can't afford to overlook ping process, no matter how geeky it sounds.

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